Robotic Surgery: Better Control for the Surgeon

images (3)Robotic surgery is a method to perform surgery using very small tools attached to a robotic arm. The surgeon controls the robotic arm with a computer.

The surgeon makes small cuts to insert the instruments. A thin tube with a camera attached to the end of it (laparoscopic) allows the surgeon to view enlarged 3-D images of your body as the surgery is taking place. The robot matches the doctor’s hand movements to perform the procedure using the tiny instruments.

The surgeon can make small, precise movements using this method. This can allow the surgeon to do a procedure through a small cut that once could be done only with open surgery. It is easier for the surgeon to use the surgical tools with robotic assist than with laparoscopic surgery through an endoscope. The surgeon can also see the area where the surgery is performed more easily. This method lets the surgeon move in a more comfortable way, as well.

Because surgery is done with precision, miniaturization and smaller incisions benefits include:
Decreased blood loss, less pain, and quicker healing time
Decreased risk of infection
Smaller Scars
Hospital stays are shortened, blood loss is reduced, transfusions are reduced, and use of pain medications are reduced.

Compared with other minimally invasive surgery approaches, robot-assisted surgery gives the surgeon better control over the surgical instruments and a better view of the surgical site. In addition, surgeons no longer have to stand throughout the surgery and do not tire as quickly.

Robotic smart instruments also reduce or eliminate the tissue trauma traditionally associated with open surgery.images (3)

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