How Do Sports Hernias Occur?
A sports hernia occurs when the muscles in the groin tear. This causes weakness and pain. Visualize the anatomy in your mind. The internal and external oblique muscles attach to the superior aspect of the pubic bone. When the oblique muscles contract, the pelvis is pulled upward and to the side. The adductor muscles attach to the inferior aspect of the pelvis just opposite the attachment of the oblique muscles. When the adductors contract, the pelvis is pulled down and the pelvis is tilted. When both oblique muscles and adductor muscles contract at the same time there is a tug-of-war with the pelvic bone in the middle. The adductor muscles are stronger than the oblique muscles and so the most common result is for the oblique muscles to tear. Occasionally the adductor tendon will be injured where it attaches to the bone. And occasionally the pelvic bone itself will be injured resulting in osteitis pubis.

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