Lessons Learned from the Las Vegas Mass Shooting Tragedy

ACS COT Trauma Panel

Trauma surgeons share lessons learned from the Las Vegas mass shooting tragedy
at American College of Surgeons conference.

The session highlighted real-world insights from Nevada trauma surgeons who
treated seriously injured patients as a result of the deadliest mass shooting
in modern U.S. history at an outdoor music festival in Las Vegas on October 1.

“In the 􀁾rst 24 hours, we saw 212 patients and performed 58 surgeries,” said Matthew Johnson, MD, FACS, with the Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center, Las Vegas. Sunrise staff grouped pods of operating rooms together for treating speci􀁾c types of cases. “More than 100 physicians and more than 200 nurses responded to assist for a total of 83 surgeries performed. Everyone did their jobs. As for the residents—we couldn’t have gotten through this [incident] without them,”Dr. Johnson said.

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